Things You Should Do For Social Networking Your Business

Do you want people to talk about your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Google+, and on and on? The good news is that social media is here to stay and there is lots of opportunity for you to promote your business through social networking as often as you want. Start by making a plan, or connect with someone who can help you create a social networking strategy plan, and follow your plan/put into action. Don’t just sit back and expect your customers to call you - your customers are expecting to see your presence on social media. Not sure how social networking can work for you? Here are some helpful tips: Use It! Many large companies such as Hewlett Packard, General Motors, and Starbucks use social media to connect, communicate and market to their customers. You may write content that is the best information that your customers can read about your areas of expertise and specialties but don't stop at just posting it on your website. You need to highlight it, talk about it, blog about it and tweet it in social network sites.

Find and connect to people you want to talk to about your business. Learn how to search for people based on their interests and preferences, age, and location. For example, a wedding planner searches for people in the area who have recently become engaged!

Cultivate trust of your customers: You are aware your customers have numerous choices when it comes to where they do business and they buy from companies they like and trust. Social media marketing is the way to connect and build relationships.

Make your brand and your company visible. People talk about your brand and your company. Participate in the conversation. Monitor ongoing online conversations about your blogs, posts, tweets and articles. It’s important to listen and participate. This helps your customers feel connected to you and your business.

Blog Like Crazy: Blog about your new products and services. Blog about next month’s special. Even blog about the company’s history. Lots of business owners think that they cannot blog, but they are wrong. There are several blogger sites such as,, Tumblr, Weebly and Xanga, Most blogger sites offer a selection customized templates.

Make it Easier: Use a social media management system such as Hootsuite that supports social network integrations for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. You will be amazed at how much time Hootsuite save you as you have access to your social networking sites and can post, tweet and blog in one location.

Show Photos, videos and podcasts of yourself and your business. You can create and upload for free for as much time as you want to spend on them. The end result is that potential customers can watch for themselves testimonials on how satisfied your current customers are. Including photos, videos and podcast will draw the interest of potential customers to want to take action to buy into your products and services.

Stay Informed: Set Google Alert so that you will receive emails every time something is indexed with your name. It is important for you to what people are saying about you so that you can participate. Listen first. Then, add carefully thought out comments.

9) Be Active: The highest active social media pages and profiles come up most on the search engines. Set a goal to send updates, write posts and share news at least spend time 3 times a week. If you don't have time, outsource this to

10) Know the benefits: Social media is a great way to market your business that is cost effective! By staying involved in social media, you show your customers that you are visible, genuine, up-to-date and most of all, you are a real person!

Social media and social networking are going around for a very long time. The major players and the types of social sites may change time and time again, but professional marketers are finding they are proving to be beneficial to promoting themselves and their business.

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