Do You Proofread Your Work?

We have all heard the quote, "You only have one chance to make a first impression". This is definitely true in business not just when you are networking and promoting your business at trade shows or other business networking events but also in whatever documentation you write and prepare whether you are writing correspondence/emails/faxes, reports, manuals, blogs, articles, and on and on.

As you come up with ideas you can hardly wait to write them or type them into a document. As you write your documentation you read it over and over to ensure you have covered every aspect of what you want to write about as well as to check for spelling, grammar and sentence structure, and formatting. The thing is no matter how many times you read through your own work, at some point you will miss something whether it is a misspelled word or a word used in the wrong context or even a word that was repeated when it should not have been repeated one word right after the other. My point is that as much as we proofread our own work, it helps to have another person read through our document. They may catch small errors that we may have missed because we become so used to reading what we have written.

You may have noticed that one of the services offered by My Essential Office Assistant is proofreading/ editing/ formatting. This is because many times I have read articles and blogs or website content or correspondence or reports where I have caught a few or more than a handful errors or grammatical errors that the author has missed. I have even read documents in which the formatting has changed drastically, e.g. the font is different or some paragraphs were indented when they shouldn't have been. This could be because the content of another document was copied and pasted into the main document or one person began typing the document and another person completed typing the document.

There's nothing more embarrassing than presenting a document or submitting an article or a blog with many errors in it that we did not catch. I find that even though I have read the document or blog I will not only remember what the document was about but I will remember that misspelled word or that word that was used in the wrong context or the header that was not formatted the same as the other headers and on and on. I recently read an article about planning a strategy to write articles and blogs on a routine basis. There were many mistakes in the article and my impression was that the author did not proofread her article at all before submitting it to the site. Questions that came to my mind about her work:

'Is all her work done like this? Haphazardly?'

'Would I want this person to work for me?'

My Essential Office Assistant offers a comprehensive proofreading/editing/formatting service. Our goal is to help you present a document that is virtually error-free and grammatically sound that will impress your readers. Our proofreading service includes checking your document for the following:

  • correct word context and usage,

  • figures of speech, terms and jargon;

  • sentence structure;

  • punctuation;

  • grammar;

  • check formatting pertaining to font styles and sizes for titles and content to ensure consistency throughout the document; and

  • ensure cross-references are correct in table of contents, appendices, indices, and captions of diagrams, illustrations and images

You write documents to share your expertise and tell your audience more about your business. Presenting virtually error-free, grammatically sound documents also is a reflection the quality of your work as well as sharing your knowledge and expertise. Why take a chance on presenting a document that has not been proofread. Outsource your proofreading to My Essential Office Assistant and let us help you make a great first impression.

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