Partnering with a Virtual Assistant

Whether you are just starting up or expanding your growing business, partnering with a virtual assistant is a great way to get the work done while giving you more time to concentrate on working with your clients, generating revenues for your business and doing the work you love to do and what you are good at.

Benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant (VA):

  • is more cost effective than hiring full-time staff or spending your own time on administrative tasks,

  • you pay only for time spent on your tasks: eliminates all the associated costs of hiring an employee i.e. insurance, sick pay, office space and equipment as the services are performed “virtually” or “offsite” on a contractual basis

  • allows you to focus on your business while your virtual assistant takes care of the time-consuming administrative chores

  • You can accelerate the growth of your business by freeing up your time to concentrate on important aspects of your business

  • You will have the freedom to tend to enhancing and developing further your business skills, knowledge, and client relationships

  • You now have the freedom to assume new, challenging opportunities

  • You will be in a better position to practice and maintain a more manageable live/work balance

  • You will be more organized and able to run your business instead of your business running you.

As an added benefit, at My Essential Office Assistant we:

  • are committed to continual development and training, in order to provide you with the best assistance possible

  • have access to an expanding support base of other Virtual Assistants – an invaluable resource that can help us assist you better

  • have a vested interest in your success: you will be interacting with a highly skilled and experienced team of administrative professionals who are working with you to help you succeed

How to Partner with your virtual assistant:

  • Communication: It is extremely important that the lines of communication are open at all times. When communicating with your Virtual Assistant, be concise and direct especially when communicating by email. Weekly meetings help to re-connect and address any new or existing work. Also, be willing to listen to your virtual assistant.

  • Trust: As with all relationships, trust is a major factor in the success of a virtual relationship. Your Virtual Assistant is going to be involved in may areas of your business. You need to trust your VA. Communicate clearly details about the work or concerns if something doesn’t feel right to you.

  • Partnership: Virtual Assistants are professionals in all that they do. They are more than just secretaries or personal assistants. Through mutual respect and appreciation, Virtual Assistants become a vital part of your business.

  • Realistic Expectations: When starting out in a new work partnership with a virtual assistant, you need to plan for a trial period and gradually outsource work over an extended period of time. Clear communication is an absolute must. Be realistic especially in allowing sufficient time for deadlines.

  • Respect: Treat your virtual assistant with the same equal respect you show towards other business professionals. Your virtual assistant is a business owner and specialized professional. Although you are not required to provide your virtual assistant with full benefits and all the other perks to retain his/her services, you should extend the same level of respect without prejudice or discrimination you would extend to other business owners and professionals.

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