Reasons Why A Business Needs a Website

Believe it or not, there are many brick and mortar businesses that still don't have their own website yet. Without a website, a business has no online presence. Businesses need a website not only to keep up with competitors but to increase their profits and be visible to customers.

Advancements technology through the creation and development of devices such as the tablet and smart phones like iphones, androids and Windows 8 phones, besides the desktop computer and laptop now provide a variety of avenues for potential customers to go online to look for businesses. It’s not enough just to have an office in a building with a street address and telephone listing in the local phone book. People are moving away from using the phone book more and more because the devices they use provide flexibility to search online anywhere any time.

A website can be set up to include a link that allows a business owner to collect email addresses from potential and current customers. Sending emails to customers allows the company to send ezines, highlight special offers and discounts, introduce new products, and celebrate special business milestones such as expanding their business or observing an anniversary of providing products and services. People look forward to receiving emails about these sorts of things.

Another feature about websites is that business can include a blog which provides them with an outlet for sharing their expertise on their specialty. A blog can be set up as a website of its own or can be included in your primary business website. Business owners share their information about their product and services. Business owners also provide tips and advice such as about gardening. Keeping your customers informed about your products and services, new developments and sharing your knowledge helps to remind your customers of your online presence and that you are open for business.

Think of your website as a billboard. You can use your website for branding. Everything that is part of your site, from content including images, slideshows, and videos, helps to build up the image of your business for everyone to see.

Don’t forget to include testimonials from your customers. This is an excellent way to maintain the trust of your customers as well as encourage new customers to buy your products and services.

Without a website, a business is limited on how much visibility it has out there. A website provides the potential for more sales, increasing profits, a growing client base, and, ultimately, is the path to a successful business. It all comes down to be visible to your customers and new customers on the Internet where more and more people are spending their time.

Want to develop your website but just don’t have enough time to work on the content? Let us help you get your website going. We use online popular website builders whether you want a blog created in WordPress or a full-fledged website in a website builder that allows you to log in to edit your own business website whenever you want … or save time and let My Essential Office Assistant edit your site for you..For more information about our website building packages, contact us.

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