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No matter what business publication you read there are always articles that highlight how valuable a website is to small business. The Internet is used more and more by people to find a product or service that they are interested in or may have heard about. Therefore, it is important to have a website and to keep the information on the website up to date. This keeps your target audience interested and maintains your Internet presence.

What's the best way to keep your website up to date? Either we maintain our website content ourselves or hire a website designer who uses their knowledge and expertise on the latest trends and techniques to create and maintain a website that will bring new clients. It is important to ensure your website has all the current information that your visitors are looking for.

Even after your website goes live on-line, always include your website address in your signature lines in your emails and promotional materials. Otherwise, how would your clients know your website even exists.

Your website is on-line advertising of your business that is continuously available to be seen. That's why it's so important to make sure your website is always up to date. When visitors come to your website and they see somewhere any indications that your website has not been kept up to date they will exit your website and go on to the next website in the Google or Bing or Yahoo search results.

Business owners constantly look for new ways to impress clients and keep them interested in their product or service. Adding new content keeps visitors interested. So, how are your going to add content that will keep your visitors coming back?

Here are some things you can do:

  • Write new articles on a regular basis.Set a goal to write at least 2 articles a month.Keep an archive on your website of older articles.People will definitely read the new articles first but may want to re-read an article they read before.

  • Include a 'squeeze' page where visitors can sign up for a newsletter so that they will receive news about your products or services automatically and they don't have to go back to your website to find it.

  • Highlight new and exciting products, services or special milestones about your company on your home page. Set up a text box that will stand out and offers a link for your visitors to click on to lead them to that news item in your blog.For example, you can write about recognition and awards you receive for your products or services, introduce new products and services and the benefits to your clients of using the new products and services.

  • If your articles are published in a business publication or your business is featured in a business publication, definitely highlight these types of things.This adds to the credibility of your business to your visitors as well as trust and confidence in you and your reliability to provide the products or services they want.

  • One other thing to add to your website is testimonials.Set up a whole page on our website if you have several comments and compliments from your clients or you can post one or two testimonials randomly on different pages on your website.Replace old testimonials with new ones.

  • Add new images or change/update the images you already have on your website.

  • Highlight special offers for your products or services at Christmas or at the change of seasons.Always make sure links on your website are up to date.

Keeping your information up to date will entice other people to want to link their website to yours and help in the ranking of your website placement in search engines.

It's better if you can set aside some time to update your site yourself but if you can't hire a website designer or developer to do it for you.

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