The Virtual Assistant Industry is Growing

Do you know what industry is growing in leaps and bounds in Canada and world-wide? The virtual assistant industry.

Up until a few years ago, if a virtual assistant introduced themselves to another business professional, the response from the business professional was a blank stare or a polite nod or “that’s nice” and then just walk away. This has changed quite a bit as the virtual assistant industry is spotlighted more and more in the media and virtual assistants are educating the Canadian business community about their profession.

After the economic downturn and recovery in 2008 and 2009, many companies were finding that outsourcing time-consuming administrative work to a virtual assistant is a viable, cost effective alternative to hiring a full-time employee. Businesses have found that virtual assistants do their work professionally and with a high level of confidentiality.

The goal of virtual assistants is to partner with their clients. If you want your virtual assistant to work as your 'right hand' assistant, you must ensure your virtual assistant knows and understands your business well. The more the virtual assistant knows about their clients’ businesses the better a virtual assistant has a better understanding of what services will help their clients achieve their goals towards their business success. Virtual assistants provide their clients with personalized service to help their clients be more productive, more organized and relieved from the stress of having to do everything themselves. Because virtual assistants are proud to be a part of this growing industry, they provide outstanding customer service by going that extra mile for their clients to fulfill the services that are expected of them and ensure all work is done efficiently and professionally.

With the continuous changes, upgrades and innovations in technology, virtual assistants constantly research ways to do things better and easier. They continue to work diligently at upgrading their skills, developing new skills and network with others to keep their knowledge up on the latest tools.

Virtual assistants work in their own fully-equipped office. This is a big money-saver in itself for their clients – they don’t have to provide office space and furniture, computer, software and other office equipment, and stationery supplies. Other expenses such as hydro, Internet, phone/fax service, and even office cleaning and maintenance are not necessary for the client to provide to the virtual assistant. Clients can use the money they save towards building their business and achieving business success.

Clients pay only for the time a virtual assistant works for them. There is no need for clients to be responsible for payroll obligations, benefits, and retirement contributions. Clients don’t pay for vacation time, sick time or breaks. Combine these savings with what is saved on office expenses and the result is that clients pay virtual assistants a fraction of what would be paid to a full-time employee. However, as an independent business owner and a professional in their area of expertise and specialty, a virtual assistant's hourly rate will be higher than clients pay their employees because they cover their own overhead office costs as well as costs for income tax and other government payroll obligations, technology upgrades and training. Keep in mind, clients pay only for the time a virtual assistant works for them.

Virtual assistants specialize to provide streamlined knowledge and expertise in a client’s particular niche. A virtual assistant’s highly developed skills ensure they know the language of the niche and all the ins and outs in order to provide effective solutions that work best for their clients. For example, virtual assistants can specialize in providing services required specifically by real estate agents, professional speakers, authors, business coaches, and internet marketers.

Clients will find that there is a wide variety of services offered by the virtual assistant industry. From basic administrative assistance to word processing, website development, bookkeeping, transcription, on-line social networking assistance, Internet marketing, travel planning, these are only a few of the many services and specialties provided by virtual assistants.

Most of all, clients of virtual assistants get more done in their day, generate more revenues, achieve their goals and keep their businesses successful. Clients also have more time for family, leisure and recreational activities. With the help of a virtual assistant, they are no longer stressed by an overwhelming workload, are more organized, more productive and they run their business instead of their business running them.

Are you thinking about hiring a virtual assistant? Stop struggling to keep up with piles of paperwork and other office tasks that bog you down. Partner with a virtual assistant so you can be more productive and run a successful business. Go to!services/ca4p to learn more about my company and services I provide that can help you.

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