Do you have office tasks on your to-do list that are put aside until “another” day?

Do you have too many other business priorities that must be done first before handing office tasks?

Do you end up taking work home with you so that you can get these office tasks done?

Office tasks that are left to the very last minute never seem to be completed to the level of quality you originally are striving for. When you spend the majority of time in your office during your busy workday, the parts of your business you enjoy the most end up getting the least amount of your attention.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, there is always some part of your business that you struggle with the most. For many small business owners it seems to center around the administrative areas such as bookkeeping, maintaining contact lists, following up with clients, handling complaints, creating marketing materials, and doing marketing research. These are tasks that you either don't have time to do, don't know how to do, and don't want to do.

The virtual administrative assistant industry is an ever expanding, vibrant and thriving industry both nationally and internationally. A virtual assistants or VA is specialized administrative professional with many years of administrative experience, and highly developed expertise and office skills ready to handle your various time-consuming office tasks. These attributes allow your virtual assistant to take care of the tasks that take up your valuable time. A virtual assistant works from his or her own remote office location, usually home based. Communication between the virtual assistant and the client is a highly important component in the business relationship.

Virtual assistants take the time to listen to their clients in order to ensure services provided respond to the clients’ specific business support requirements. Virtual Assistants can be called upon by clients for any length of time no matter how small or how large the office task or project. Virtual assistant provide services on an 'as needed' basis or service contract basis.

Because virtual assistants are independent contractors, potential clients do not need to provide office facilities and equipment, training, and employee payroll obligations such as CPP, WSBI, benefits, vacation time, sick time, etc. Clients pay a virtual assistant only for actual time spent to work on their office tasks or projects.

Virtual assistants have connections with other virtual assistants through many associations and networking avenues. Therefore, constant communication for access to support is always available for small technical questions, getting extra help for assistance with clients, or referring potential clients to other virtual assistants who may be more qualified to assist a particular client.

When you outsource administrative tasks and paperwork to a virtual assistant, you will be surprised with how much you will accomplish in your busy workday!

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