Working Virtually is Finally Catching On in Our Business Community

Here's an article posted in the Calgary Herald entitled, "Telecommuting Work Options Gaining Popularity" by Mario Toneguzzi. He highlights a survey that indicates that more and more companies are providing the option for their employees to work from home and the benefits to the company and the employee.

The virtual assistant has had independent contractors working remotely for over 30 years. Now companies are seeing more and more the benefits of their employees working remotely. Here's the article by Mr. Toneguzzi:


Telecommuting work options gaining popularity

Mario Toneguzzi, Calgary Herald More from Mario Toneguzzi, Calgary Herald

Published on: February 21, 2015Last Updated: February 21, 2015 7:03 AM MST

A new survey indicates a growing number of people are working from home these days.

The Accountemps survey found that 11 per cent of chief financial officers said the number of people working from home or other areas on a remote basis has increased in the last three years. Only two per cent said they have seen a decline in telecommuting.

Higher morale and retention are the primary benefits of the remote work arrangements, said 34 per cent of those polled, with 14 per cent adding that access to a broader talent pool is also a bonus.

“Companies are finally beginning to acknowledge that remote work is here to stay. Those who understand this will certainly reap the benefits of happier, more productive and loyal employees. We’re now in an era where transformation of work is happening. Your people have already left the building. Don’t believe us? Count the number of empty desks in your office anytime of day. This evolution isn’t an if, it’s a when for almost every organization in Canada,” said Robyn Bews, executive director of WORKshift with Calgary Economic Development, an initiative that encourages telework and flexible work options, “WORKshift, recognizes the fluidity of today’s work and promotes giving trusted employees the opportunity to work both where and when they are most effective. Our organization is actively supporting companies with this transformation and will be continuing to, with the release of our playbook in 2015.”

Jeff Groeneveld, president of Calgary-based marketing and ad agency Woodruff Sweitzer, said the company has been workshifting for about two years.

“We’re an idea company and ideas come from anywhere and anytime no matter where you’re at or what you’re doing,” he said. The company has an office in Toronto and three locations in the United States, employing about 75 people.”

Accountemps, a staffing service for temporary accounting, finance and bookkeeping professionals, developed the survey which was conducted by an independent research firm based on interviews with more than 270s CFOs in Canada.

Eight per cent said working remotely increases productivity by reducing commute time and seven per cent said it saves money by requiring less office space.

“As mobile technology has become more accessible, providing telecommuting work options could be a smart move by firms to help them compete for talent without being restricted to specific geographical areas or time zones,” said Dianne Hunnam-Jones, Canadian district president of Accountemps, in a news release. “Although telecommuting is not an option for every role, it can be a valuable perk when it comes to sweetening the compensation package.”

Koula Vasilopoulos, senior regional vice-president of Accountemps in Calgary, said more companies are adopting flexible work initiatives.

“I think it became really most evident during the flood (in the summer of 2013 in Calgary). If you think about during the flood, the entire downtown core was shut for almost a week. Us included,” she said. “The ability to actually telecommute or work remotely . . . is so beneficial from a business standpoint.

“We definitely see more and more of it. In different markets you tend to see differences where the commute can be a bit of a nightmare and the location of the business. Maybe it’s downtown Toronto or downtown Vancouver. Sometimes companies are offering the ability to work remotely whether it’s part time or full time or telecommuting as an option so that they can compete for top talent.”

She said that as technology advances we will continue to see changes in how work is done."

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