Outsource! and Relieve Your Stress

When you start up your business you have time to take care of office work and administrative tasks yourself as well as provide products and services for your clients. As your business flourishes, you need to spend more of your time working with your clients. Your office work and administrative tasks start to fall behind and you feel that the only way to keep up with them is to spend hours after working with your clients all day catching up.

Are you working on office work and administrative tasks during your regular business hours?

How much time do you spend on office work and administrative tasks after your regular business hours?

Small, easy tasks may only take a minute or two but if you are working on something that requires the use of a computer application that you are not familiar with, a task could take a lot longer than just a few minutes. Let’s say, for example, you need to record financial transactions other than preparing invoices in a QuickBooks application. Although QuickBooks is a fairly straight-forward application to use there are still many functions that you may not know how to use or don’t have time to learn. It could take you 1 or 2 hours of your time to complete all the transactions you want to do. That’s 1 or 2 hours of time taken away from you to do work that affects your productivity and, ultimately, the amount of revenues generated for your business.

So when should you consider outsourcing to My Essential Office Assistant?

If you are carrying over tasks on your to do list or turning away business or even if you’re not taking vacations, it’s a definite sign that you need an extra set of hands to help you with office work and administrative tasks that are taking up too much of your time. Especially if you have to turn away new clients, that equals a lot of lost revenues for your business.

Make a list of office work and administrative tasks that take up a lot of your time. This will help you identify what you can outsource. Also consider what office work or tasks are difficult or what office work or tasks you don't like to do. Also, what office work and/or administrative tasks can you outsource to allow yourself more time to focus on priorities that make your business more productive, achieve your goals and generate more revenues for your business. There’s the old saying, “Time is money” and if you’re spending too much of your time on office work and administrative tasks rather than on billable work for your clients that’s lost revenue for your business.

Check the Services page on the My Essential Office Assistant website. You can select services that would be most beneficial and helpful to your business to keep you up-to-date with office work and administrative tasks. We provide our services on an hourly rate ‘occasional’ basis or you can outsource to My Essential Office Assistant on an on-going monthly contract basis.

Outsource to us. We’re ready to assist you. Think of us as your ‘right hand’ assistant. Contact us to discuss your business support needs, what services would be beneficial to your business and to obtain a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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