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Old Ways That Still Work

Technology plays a major role in just about everything we do, especially in the business world. It's hard to imagine how we could work if we didn't have a computer or a laptop or a tablet or a cell phone. In fact, most of us would be lost without any of these devices. With the evolution of technology new ways to achieve our goals and present ourselves in the business world have changed tremendously. But there are some old ways that still work.

Here's an article by Jim Cucinotta that highlights 5 old ways of doing things that are still effective in our technical business world today.

5 Old Ways That Still Work

The business world that we live in changes instantaneously. Hundreds of new ways to reach, engage and measure are added to your landscape every day. Thousands of business gurus tell you that you need to stop doing things the old way, that old ways don’t work, etc. I agree with that assessment to a point. Evolve or die is a truism that has followed my whole career.

When you boil it down, what these people are talking about is mostly tactical. However, to me, there are a lot of old strategies that need to be remembered as you are evolving. Without them, it will be really hard to master the new ways of engagement.

1. You need to stand for something. Having conviction is one of the most important attributes a person or brand needs to be successful. Trying to please everyone will make you please no one. The adage “One Size Fits None” is more important than ever.

2. Your message needs to be clear and concise. By the time I am finished reading this line, you will have made a decision on whether I am on point. A key for lasting in your job or a product lasting in the marketplace is to have an easy to understand.

3. You need to show up. If you miss a sales appointment, your client cannot buy. If you are not in stock, your product cannot be bought. If either of these happen, you become unreliable and no one wants to do business with people or companies that they cannot rely on.

4. You need to deliver on your promise. For you, it is keeping your word. For your products or services, it is doing what it said it does.

5. You need two way relationships. You need to listen to your key influencers- vendors, coworkers, clients, consumers- and enact ways to satisfy their root needs. That give and take is a key to successful career advancement and product improvement.

None of this is rocket science. However, it is good regardless of how senior you are in your career to look at the key fundamentals of business. People will always do business with people and companies that they like, trust, and listen. The way to separate you is how you convey those emotions and convince people to give you a shot.


Jim Cucinotta is CEO at Halo Health International in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Halo Health International helps companies solve complex problems in a simple and executable way.

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