How Much Is Your Time Worth?

How much time do you spend on billable work?

How much time do you spend on work that is not billable?

Do you have more items on your to do list that are for billable work than non-billable work?

Do you generate revenues for your business for an hourly rate or on a project basis or by the amount of inventory available for your customers?

How you spend your time matters to how much revenue you generate for your business.

Time is money. When you own and operate your own business, you want to make the most of your time to do billable work that will generate enough revenues to keep your business going. The main point is to focus your time during your 9 to 5 day on work that will generate revenues for your business. Ultimately, anyone who owns and operates a business is in business to make money. It has been said that people who spend their time on profitable work will make more money at the end of the day and increase their productivity. If you want your business to be successful or you want more wealth or you want more freedom, how you spend your time matters.

When you set your goals for your business, how you spend your time can make a big difference on how much billable work you do in your 9-to-5 day. Here's an equation to keep in mind:

Time = Productivity = Money = Achieve Your Goals = Business Success

As you start your business, you have the flexibility to spend time on billable hours and on office work but as you get more clients and your business grows you will need to focus your time on billable work. Whether you charge for your services by the hour or on a project basis or by the products you sell, when you are not focusing on billable work you are losing revenues for your business.

Some entrepreneurs prefer to complete office work and administrative tasks themselves. This actually cuts into the amount of time they spend on billable work. When you spend time on office work, you are actually losing revenues rather than gaining revenues for your business.

How much is your time worth? Wouldn’t you rather focus your time on billable work? You’re probably thinking that if you’re going to devote all your time to billable work and not spend any time on office work, how will you ever get everything done?

Instead of spending your evening hours on office work after working all day with your clients consider outsourcing office work to My Essential Office Assistant. For under $10,000 a year (see our Services page), you use our services customized and tailored according to your specific business support needs to help you keep up with your office work while you focus on revenue-generating work. Gradually you will see that your business will not only be more productive but also more profitable because you are spending your time working with your clients, and accepting more clients. Because your business is more productive, you will also achieve your goals faster.

Visit our Services page at!services/ca4p. My Essential Office Assistant offers you the flexibility to use our services on a monthly service package basis or on an “as need” basis for an hourly rate. You can choose from our Internet marketing and administrative support services that will be most beneficial to your business support requirements.

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