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No Downsizing Here - Why Virtual Assistants Are Thriving in the Struggling Economy

Great article here about the Virtual Assistant industry! The virtual assistant industry is thriving, here to stay and doesn't look like it's going to phase out any time soon.

This article was written by Craig Cannings who is an experienced Internet Marketing Professional, online trainer and blogger.

The Lifeline for Businesses - Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant There's no doubt we are witnessing a new paradigm of lean business practices and a changed marketplace, like it or not. With the recession and employees being laid-off in the tens of thousands, the virtual world is providing a safety net for many, and continued prosperity for those that have harnessed its potential. Large corporations, businesses and organizations that have been forced to cut back on onsite employees are looking to the future and the adaptation needed to survive. The painful but necessary measure of laying off staff begs the question: what about all the work that still needs to be done, and how can businesses leverage a skilled workforce with limited on site staff?

There is natural workplace evolution occurring that demands new ways of commerce and marketing. Telecommuting Like Never Before What started as an ideal solution for providing flexibility and life-work balance for busy moms and those wanting a home-based business, the trend of virtual assistance has now evolved into the perfect answer for businesses having to downsize their staff. Whether you call it Virtual Assistant, Telecommuting, Outsourcing or Online Professional, more and more businesses are turning to this more affordable and streamlined alternative to on site employees which can comprise 60% of their overhead. Not only are Virtual Assistants more affordable, but with the right skills and specialized services, they can dramatically help businesses grow and thrive in today's world of Web 2.0, recession or not! Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant Makes Sense Since 2009 We've all seen the news, such as a recent story on msnbc.com entitled "Small business forced to change, or die". Businesses around the globe are desperately searching for ways to reduce operating expenses yet still maintain healthy growth and stay ahead of the competition, and are increasingly discovering the online solution. As with virtual classrooms, counselors and consultants, shopping malls, banking and travel agents, an exploding number of businesses are now opting for a Virtual Assistant versus an onsite employee, allowing them the advantage of tapping heavily into the enormous pool of talent in the online marketplace.

The economic slowdown is essentially giving a boost to what was an already booming industry of Virtual Assistants. An article published Feb. 3, 2009 by Networkworld.com entitled Outsourcing on the Rise explains that "more companies are outsourcing as a cost-cutting strategy". Today, businesses have unparalleled options of remote assistance from IT, administration and customer service, to harnessing the essential and powerful medium of Social Media Marketing with videos, social networks, blogs, and content creating and distribution. Not only does a Virtual Assistant provide significant cost savings with focus on the specific project at hand for only the time needed, but the client can benefit from the motivation of the VA doing a great job as they run their own business, with the location of client and Virtual Assistant not being a barrier to a great working relationship beneficial for all. Virtual Help - the Growing Outsource Need in a New Workplace The trend of virtual assistance was already firmly established, but has now kicked into high gear as a result of both the Social Media revolution and online marketing, and the changing workplace. It's the greener option, a cost-saving measure, a flexible alternative, and can help sustain and dramatically grow a business in the new world of Web 2.0.

Outsourcing has never been more appealing for small businesses, corporations, entrepreneurs and organizations. The virtual world is thriving no matter what industry, and outsourcing offers the perfect solution for overwhelmed businesses in a pinch, and also provides a lucrative option for those wanting a new career. Virtual Staffing Agencies and supportive online communities for Outsourcing Professionals have risen alongside the brick and mortar employment agencies.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2247554

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