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What Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

A virtual assistant is an independent business professional who owns their own business and works remotely providing services in administrative assistance, typing, data entry, desktop publishing, website development and social media, to other business owners. Virtual assistants work from their own remote office location, providing support to businesses around the world. Virtual assistants are paid generally for the time spent working for businesses, at an hourly rate or project rate or monthly retainer service rate.

When business owners start their business they have the time to do their office work and administrative tasks themselves but as their business grows and becomes more established, they can find themselves at a point where their focus needs to be only on the business growth and development., They don’t have time to be weighed down with various administrative tasks or office work that could easily be outsourced and managed by external parties, giving them back their valuable time.

A virtual assistant is a viable solution for business owners who aren’t quite ready to hire a full time or part time employee, or have the needed finances to cover overheads such as computers, wages, insurance, and other employee benefits and payroll obligations.

You will find that there are virtual assistants who provide specialized services such as bookkeeping, website design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social networking including maintaining your social network accounts and posting blogs, or provide routine administrative support that helps you with your office support requirements. Some virtual assistants work with multiple businesses providing a variety of services such as administrative assistance, document creation and transcription, data entry, calendar management, social media account management, blogging, newsletter, desktop publishing and website updates. Most services provided by virtual assistants can be customized according to your specific needs. Virtual Assistants have a vested interest and are very dedicated in helping you grow your business and achieve your goals towards success.

Typically in North America, Virtual Assistant rates are as low as $25 an hour and go up depending on their skillset, expertise or specialty, and experience.

Virtual assistants can be hired hourly for a one of project, or for a set number of hours per week or month. When it comes to working with a virtual assistant, don’t allow yourself to be blocked by the price of a virtual assistant. You might find a virtual assistant who charges $50 an hour for a task that takes you 2 hours or more to do, it is mostly likely going to take a virtual assistant 1 hour or less. While the virtual assistant works on that task, your time is free for you to focus on your own billable work for your clients so you can generate more revenues for your business.

While virtual assistants in other countries may be cheaper, don't forget that they live in a different economic environment than we do in North America. At My Essential Office Assistant we have had clients come to us because they had work done for them by overseas virtual assistants who charge $2 or $4 an hour. The quality of work didn't meet the client's expectations and the work had to be re-done.

Virtual assistants work remotely, and use programs such as Skype, Dropbox, project management software, to enable them to work for businesses across the globe.

Business owners can source overseas virtual assistants, which can have many pros and cons. If your business need a 24 hour service, having a virtual assistant both locally and overseas can enable you to provide a 24 hour service.

When you feel you are ready to outsource/delegate office paperwork and administrative tasks to virtual assistant, you may be unsure where to start and how to outsource to one. First make a list of administrative tasks and office work that take up too much of your time or require a computer software that you don’t have time to learn or you don’t want to do. Then contact My Essential Office Assistant to discuss your office workload and we will work together to find a solution that works best for your business support requirements.

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