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Effective Tweets for Your Small Business

We all go through it. We want to write a blog or a tweet or an article but just can't think of anything to write about or we run out of ideas. You strive to write something on a regular basis whether you write daily or weekly. The thing is to write something that is interesting and relevant to keep your customers reading.

Here are some great ideas I found in an article posted by You Inc.:

Twitter contest:

A contest is an effective way to engage your customers, and the possibilities are endless. A children’s clothing store could hold a contest where customers submit photos of their children modeling their favourite outfit; a music school could post some music trivia questions and draw a winner from the first ten correct responses; a catering company could hold a contest for the best summer drink recipe. Contests are fun and they get people's attention.

Links to relevant articles or information. When you provide useful links, you set yourself up as an expert in the field. People are always looking for ways to improve their lives and expand their knowledge. If your links are fresh, interesting and credible, your followers will pay attention when you tweet.

Asking questions to encourage engagement:

Most people on Twitter want to engage but they may not know what to say. Put some general questions out there to encourage a response. You could ask, "What is your favourite thing to do on a date?" or "How did you spend this beautiful weekend?". Ideally, the question would be related to your business in some way, but even if it isn't, it is still good to get people talking to you.

Twitter-only promotions:

Everyone loves to get a deal, and Twitter followers like nothing more than having access to opportunities just because they follow you. Offer your followers exclusive little goodies every once in a while and you'll find that they regularly stop by to check out your profile.

Replies and retweets:

Once you establish a presence on Twitter, your customers may use it as a means to contact you. Therefore, it is important that you monitor your direct messages, your mentions, and your retweets. A company does more harm than good with their Twitter presence if they do not respond to their customers. Some customers use Twitter to publicly complain about companies. Where appropriate, address those complaints. Remember, you always want to show that your company cares about its customers and that you do your best to keep them happy.

When you're using Twitter to promote a small business, there is always a temptation to turn your tweets into mini-advertisements. Don't fall into that trap or you will be dismissed as a spammer. Twitter requires a little more subtlety. Always think about your followers and the value that they derive from your tweets. If you successfully engage with them on Twitter, it will pay off.

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