Advantages of Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant

When most business people think of professionals who specialize in providing administrative support they are thinking of someone who is a “secretary” or an "administrative assistant" and they are stuck with this mental picture of a 9 to 5 on-site employee. People think of a “secretary” or an "administrative assistant" as someone who comes into the office to work 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 5 days a week, sits behind a desk, types letters or memos on a computer and answers the phone. Although that has been a typical image for many years that image has changed dramatically over the last 25 years.

For some types of businesses there will probably always be a necessity to have a conventional on-site administrative support employee but many businesses are realizing the advantages and especially the economical benefits of outsourcing to off-site administrative support professionals who work from their own office location.

Today, more and more businesses understand that the individual who handles your administrative, clerical and creative work doesn’t have to ‘come to work in the office’. Thanks to huge advances in technology, an administrative support professional can work from their own home office and still provide the same high level of support as a person sitting behind a desk in an office.

Businesses are realizing that the biggest difference between outsourcing to a virtual administrative support professional and hiring an on-site employee is the COST! Many businesses have found that outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant is much more economical and affordable than the on-site administrative employee we are accustomed to.

Mobile professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs often don’t have a traditional office with a lot of space for another workstation with IT equipment and other office necessities themselves and therefore, hiring professional Virtual Assistant makes even more sense!

I, personally, work with entrepreneurs who prefer to hire a virtual assistant because they benefit from the savings of not hiring an on-site employee,

There are many advantages to working with a VA.

We’ve already mentioned COST – Small business owners and entrepreneurs often don’t have the budget, space or large enough workload for a conventional full-time, on-site administrative assistant.

Experience – Virtual Assistants are highly skilled, experienced, tech-savvy professionals with resources already in place so you don’t have to worry about office space, furniture and equipment.

Flexibility – Outsource to a Virtual Assistant when you need them to work on your office work or special projects. You can arrange to outsource work to your VA on an ‘as need’ basis or project basis or on a monthly retainer contract basis for a specified number of hours per month. How many hours do you need to outsource to a VA? 5 hours? 10 hours? Outsourcing to a VA provide you with the flexibility you need to get office work done.


Virtual Assistants are independent contractors and often specialize in administrative assistance, social media marketing, Internet marketing, bookkeeping, website design and much more. You pay only for the time you need to outsource office work to a virtual assistant without any payroll obligations such as income tax, unemployment insurance payments, pension payments, benefits, vacation or sick pay.

Office Savings

Save money by not having to pay for and provide office space, workspace furniture, computer and other IT equipment, utilities, and office cleaning and maintenance expenses.

Professional Business Partnership

Develop a one-on-one professional business partner relationship with your VA who quickly becomes your right hand assistant; someone who will get to know you and your business and will represent your business in a professional manner.


When you don't have to do your office work yourself, you have more time and freedom to fully focus on your business, increase your revenues and stop spending your valuable time doing administrative work.


How valuable is your time? Instead of spending hours doing office work, generate more revenues by outsourcing office work to a VA. While you don’t have to do office work yourself, you can spend more time on billable hours working with your clients. Outsourcing to a VA not only give you more time to increase your productivity but also gives you more time to generate more revenues for your business.

Achieve Your Goals towards a Successful Business

Having a virtual assistant gives you more time to achieve your goals by being able to focus on the work so that you can run a productive, profitable, successful business.

Take a fresh look at your mental picture of administrative support. It may be time for an update!

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