The Price of Doing Office Paperwork and Tasks Yourself

On average, business owners spend 33% or more of their work week on office work. If a business owner spends 15 hours a week or more on office work, that’s at least 780 hours of lost revenue because they couldn’t spend that time on billable work. That’s a lot of revenue lost because you have to do your office paperwork yourself!

Tasks like emails, tracking expenses and paying bills, social media, making phone calls that may take longer than anticipated – these are all time robbers. Administrative tasks are not only a productivity interruption but they can also be a huge drain on revenues for your business as well as hold you back from achieving your goals.

If you feel overwhelmed, you need to strategize how you use your time.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants in many specialized areas can help you with administrative, technical and creative office tasks. Outsourcing office tasks to a virtual assistant gives your more time to focus on billable work that is beneficial for your business: increase productivity, achieve your goals, generate more revenues and run a successful business. Virtual assistants are independent specialized administrative professionals who work from their own office and you don’t have to provide office space, equipment, maintenance and you don’t have employee payroll obligations (income tax, pensions, employee benefits). Virtual assistants can work for you on an hourly basis as needed or on a service contract basis for long term durations. Even though you will pay your virtual assistant, your business will benefit productively and financially because you can spend more time on priorities and billable work that matter to the operation of your business.

Time Management

Try to keep a diary of what you do for a week to determine how much time you spend on billable work and on office tasks. Once you see how much time you are spending on non-billable work, outsource that work. Outsourcing will give you more time to focus on the work that will make your day more productive and generate revenues for your business. Outsourcing allows you to devote your time on priorities that are most beneficial to the operation and success of your business.

Your Highest Productivity Time Slot

Plan your day so that you can focus on your most productive time slot. For example, you may feel you are most productive at the beginning of your day. Once you accomplish what you want to do in those 2 or 3 hours starting at 9:00, you can focus on meeting with clients or colleagues or networking or meeting with new clients or taking a break for your family, friends and “me” time.

Make a To-Do List and Prioritize

Make a to-do list. Decide what tasks are high priority and what tasks you can outsource. There may be some tasks that you simply don’t enjoy doing and don’t want to do and tasks that are carried over from one day to the next. Work on the billable tasks first and if you want to do your own social networking save that for later. When some tasks require special skills or computer applications, outsource those tasks.

Try these solutions and you will see that not only will you increase your productivity and generate more revenues for your business but you will be more organized and may even have more time for family and leisure activities while owning and operating a successful business.

Keep in mind an equation from one of my previous blog posts:

Time = Productivity = Money = Achieve Your Goals = Business Success

How you spend your time matters and makes a difference in so many ways to your business success. Outsource to My Essential Office Assistant and let us take care of office tasks while spend more time on growing your business.

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