How Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant Can Change Your Life

For those of you who still want to know about the benefits of outsourcing work to a virtual assistant, I have done some more research on how a virtual assistant can be provide services that take care of time-consuming office work.

In my search, I found another professional, Leigh Gallagher, who is an assisting manager editor at Fortune. Although she was hesitant about outsourcing to a virtual assistant, Leigh signed up with a virtual assistant online company for $199 per month for eight hours of assistance. She found that her virtual assistant was a godsend to helping her cross off items on her to-do list.

For example, Leigh started with asking her virtual assistant to book travel for business trips, order items online, and do research online. Leigh writes, “I asked her to take on a few things that had been languishing on my to-do list for months: update my frequent flier accounts, start a database that track my favorite restaurants by neighborhood, figure out how to get Showtime Anytime and HBO Go to work on my iPad.” She writes further, “Most of these tasks may only take a few minutes but when you add up several dozen of them, they consume hours. I am an obsessive paper list-maker; the ability to start crossing … these items off my lists, one bold stroke at a time, gave me untold joy.”

While some virtual assistants work with corporate clients who have downsized and are outsourcing jobs that were previously done by employees, there are virtual assistants who work for busy professionals like authors, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, doctors and lawyers.

Services offered by virtual assistants depend on their area of expertise as well as the clients they work with. A virtual assistant may specialize in a particular office task or type of work, e.g. website design, bookkeeping, social networking, or they may provide a variety of administrative support services that their clients can select from and customize according to their specific business needs.

Even though virtual assistants work in their own office location, that doesn’t stop them from providing valuable services that successful people and businesses rely on. One of the biggest advantages is businesses and professionals don’t have to pay employee payroll obligations, don’t have to pay employee benefits, and provide office space, furniture and IT equipment.

With advances in technology and continuous growth of the Internet, more and more businesses and entrepreneurs are moving toward outsourcing work to virtual assistants.


My Essential Office Assistant provides core administrative support services, website design and social networking services. We offer an assortment of service plans that you can select from. For website design, we will provide a price quote according to your website requirements. For more information contact us. We will be pleased to talk to you in a free no-obligation consultation.

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