Surveys Indicate the Need to Outsource to Virtual Assistants Keeps Growing

I have done extensive research on the virtual assistant industry throughout my virtual assistant career. In my research, I have come across a survey that was conducted Harris Interactive, which is one of the largest and fastest-growing market research firms in the world and articles one of which I am highlighting today by

What is a Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant (VA) is a highly skilled administrative professional service provider, and business owner/entrepreneur who works from their own office. A virtual assistant provides professional, administrative, technical, and creative assistance on a contract basis for any business owner in accordance to the business owner’s specific requirements.

Harris Interactive found the following results from their survey which was commissioned by This survey was conducted in 2008 and the demand for services of virtual assistants is still growing tremendously world-wide. The total number of people who participated in this survey was 1,005: 503 were women; 502 were men.

  • 64% of American adults would outsource a whole range of tasks to a virtual assistant without hesitation.

  • More than 70% of American adults said outsourcing to a virtual assistant would give them more time for other business priorities and reduce stress in their lives.

  • 75% believe that personal assistants aren’t just for celebrities.

  • The survey showed there was a long list of tasks people would outsource to virtual assistants. At the top of the list, 33% of survey participants in the survey indicated they would rather not research and organize their own travel and vacation arrangements.

  • The next task on the list showed that 28% of survey participants said organizing and paying bills was something they would rather not do themselves. This survey indicated that the male participants (31%) dread this task more than women (25%) do.

  • Next on the list, both men and women hated answering calls, taking messages, and writing and mailing greeting cards (thank you, holiday and birthday cards).

  • Regarding outsourcing to virtual assistants overseas, 72% of the survey participants did not feel comfortable with this and, especially, didn’t feel comfortable in sharing their credit card information.

Who is more likely to outsource to a virtual assistant? The survey results showed that 77% of the male participants see the benefits of outsourcing to a virtual assistant compared to 69% of the female participants.

I also found the following on

“Virtual assistants represent one of the fastest growing services on Elance ( New research indicates that Americans seem to be looking to virtual assistants for help with everyday tasks. The majority of U.S. adults dread, and would happily outsource a variety of tasks (64 percent). More than 70 percent also said that hiring a virtual assistant would give them more time or reduce stress in their lives.”

The virtual assistant industry continues to grow world-wide as more and more businesses understand the concept of outsourcing to a virtual assistant is beneficial and more economical than hiring a full-time employee.

Learn more about virtual assistant industry by visiting our virtual assistant page.

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