Tips on Creating Content for Your Business Website

Writing content for your website can be a daunting task.

Where do you start?

What information do you include?

How much information do you provide?

As you write about your business and the products and/or services it provides, you want to provide just enough information to keep your audience interested without overwhelming them.

Here are some basic tips for content development for your website:

Website Header: Includes your company name, logo, and website menu. Your business phone number, email address and social media links are optional.

Home Page: Introduce your business and yourself. Give a brief overview of what services your business provides or products your business offers. Include links to other pages on your site.

About Page: Share who you are and how you got started. Keep the content clear, concise and informative.

Products or Services Page: Highlight the products and services you provide. Include a gallery for your products. Include images that represent the types of services you provide. Give a brief description of products. What are the benefits of your products or services? People want to know what’s in it for them. Include links or buttons for people to click on to sign up or shop or buy now.

Contact Page: Use a contact form that requires people to include their name, email address, phone number and what product or service they want. A contact form may also include enough space for them to provide a description of a service or project that requires your assistance with the services you provide. The contact form should be set up to connect to your email.

Website Footer: Options for content includes your business contact information, hours of operation, site map, social media links, copyright information, privacy link, and terms and conditions link

The above are essential content suggestions. The content to be included in your website depends on the type of business and your personal preferences.

Search engine optimization and keywords also an important factor to keep in mind when creating the content of your website. My Essential Office Assistant provides services that can help you optimize your website in search engine rankings. We have a comprehensive website development plan with which we can help you the process to creating your impressive website.

For more information contact us. We look forward to starting to work with you on your website.

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