What's Your 30-Second Elevator Speech

Although your Internet presence is the most prominent way to tell people about what you do and promoting your business, you will still be in situations where you need to be prepared to talk to people about your business. Always be prepared to answer the question, "What do you do?" when you go to a networking event or conference as you meet other business owners for the first time. What would you say? Would you be able clearly communicate why your business exists and who it serves?

Attending networking events and talking about our businesses can create a certain level of stress and anxiety… believe me, I get it! But how can we be prepared to effectively communicate our “30 second elevator speech” about our business anytime, anywhere? Here are three questions to guide you in crafting an effective “30 second elevator speech” for your business:

1. What are your key work interests and passions? It is important to recognize that people (and potential clients for that matter) are attracted to people that are passionate about the work they do! So, part of your elevator speech certainly needs to highlight what “fires you up”!

2. What are your client’s main challenges and problems? When you are communicating with a potential client, it is important to remember that your “30 second elevator” speech is NOT about you, but rather your target audience. How does your service solve a particular challenge for your client?

3. What results or impact do you want to bring to your target client’s business? This question really addresses the “end goal” of your service…. how will your client’s business/life be better by working with you?

These three questions can be incorporated into your business “purpose statement” which is essentially answering the larger “why you exist” question!

Still trying to compose an effective response for your elevator speech? Here is a simple template to help you in developing YOUR purpose statement.

‘“YOUR BUSINESS” exists to help your “TARGET CLIENT AUDIENCE” overcome challenges that lead to a “DESIRED RESULT”.

So, if someone asks me what My Essential Office Assistant is all about, I would say something like this:

“My Essential Office Assistant exists to provide Internet marketing and virtual office support services that result in rewarding our clients with more time to focus on priorities, be more productive and run a successful business.”

Now you try it. What is your purpose statement? The better your can articulate your purpose, the more equipped you will be when you face the dreaded “what do you do” question at your next social event.

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