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Finding the Right Keywords for Your Website

Getting an impressive website designed for your business is just the first step to getting your online presence. To get lots of visitors, especially your target audience, to go to your digital masterpiece, you want to show up as high as you possibly can on Google and other search engines’ results as you can.

One of the best ways to rank high is to ensure you find the right keywords relevant to your business and the services or products you provide and uses those keywords in the text. This is very important for ranking your site as high as you can in search engine results. Keywords consist of two- to five-word phrases that your potential clients would type into a search engine when looking for you or other businesses like yours.

How to choose the right keywords:

Make a List

This is the first step in finding your keywords. Think of terms and phrases that your clients would be looking for when searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines for your business and other businesses like yours. Type in these terms and phrases to find out if your competitors show in the search results.

Be Specific

Choose carefully words that describe what you do and the services or products you sell. Consider pairing those words with trendy terms like “organic” or ”DIY”. Try adding a word that describes your location. All of these things help you target customers in your area and help the right people find your site.

Pretend You Are a Customer

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: what would your potential customer be looking for as they Google on their phone or computer? If you’re a “garden designer”, also include “landscaper” in your keywords. Chances are that’s what your customers are going to type when they are doing a search.

Use a Keyword Tool

Google Analytics, Moz Exporer and SEMRush are some suggestions for help you come up with some strong keywords. They provide stats on how many people search for specific keywords and phrases every month as well as provide you with suggestions and can tell you if a keyword is very competitive. Keywords and phrases that are used highly by many businesses indicate that they are competitive. This makes it harder to rank for your business.

Consider Your Competition

Highly used keywords and phrases by competitors will make it next to impossible for you to rank if you are running a small business. Focus on a specific niche and find keywords that represent it. Highlight your expertise and specialties. Specific adjectives added to your key phrases give you a better chance of ranking high.

Aim for the Best Quality

Use quality keywords that best describe what you do. The more accurate and specific you are, the better. Identify at least 5 to 10 keywords and make sure you use them throughout your site in your content and anywhere you write about your business such as blogs, articles, and social media posts.


Keywords and phrases are part of the website design services provided by My Essential Office Assistant. We can help your site rank high in the search engine results.

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