Sticking to Your Goals in 2018

After reviewing your successes and failures in the past year, it is important that you have set goals that will motivate you by giving you the best chance for success. Review your company’s vision and mission statements. Goals that are aligned with your vision and mission values are more likely to give you an incentive and inspiration to achieve your goals.

Questions to ask yourself when setting your goals:

What do you want to accomplish?

How will you monitor and track your progress towards achieving your goals?

How will you accomplish your goals?

What is the process you plan to achieve a goal is not working? Do you have an alternative plan?

Will your goals benefit your company by generating more revenues?

What is your time frame for achieving your goals?

How to Start Achieving Your Goals

Start by breaking big goals into a series of smaller steps. Each time you achieve these small steps, it gives you the incentive and motivation to take the next steps to progress towards bigger goals. When you are setting bigger, longer term goals, the more you can achieve the smaller steps the more probability you have of achieving larger goals.

Are You Clear about What You Want to Achieve?

Without a clear vision of success that you want to achieve, you won’t have a clear plan in place to achieve it. Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve gives you better focus towards increasing your probability of success.

Not having a clear goal is like going to an unknown destination without a map.

What Makes Your Goals So Important

What is the big “why” for your goals? Confirming this give you a better understanding of the purpose of your goals. This is what keeps you motivated, especially during challenging times. Be firm on what you want to accomplish and how it will be beneficial to your company. Be flexible on the process, e.g. if a step towards your goal is not working, have a back-up plan or alternative plan of action. Be persistent and stay focused on what you want to accomplish.

Always Monitor and Track your Progress

Completing and accomplishing the smaller steps towards achieving your bigger goals is a strong element for your motivation. As you achieve the smaller steps towards your success, it gives you more confidences that your ultimate success is achievable. When you are feeling discouraged or frustrated, keep in mind what progress you have made so far. Stay focused, be persistent and work towards completing the next step. Each time you complete the smaller steps, you are that much closer to achieve your success.

Following the tips in this post will help to give you a better chance towards achieving what you want to achieve in 2018 and ultimately bring you closer to achieving your success.

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