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Getting Visitors to Your Website

If you want your business to grow, a website is one of the major necessities. Staying connected online to promote and get the word out about your business is a must. Your website, therefore, is a vital element in marketing and promoting your business.

One of the first questions, my clients ask me is how we will get visitors to their website.

Factors that are a priority to generating traffic to your website include content, blogging, calls to action, special offers, images, and videos. Here’s how to make all these things beneficial to getting traffic to your website:

Know Your Target Market

Knowing your target market – the people who, potentially, are looking for your business and its offerings – is key to getting the right people and visitors to your website. When you are creating content, ask yourself, what do people want to see, what do they need help with, does what you offer in your products and/or services solve a problem.

Optimize your Website for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important elements for getting visitors to your site. How you create content in your website optimizes how your business will rank in the search engines and therefore, whether your business will be found by searchers.

Create Content that Contains the Right Keywords

Keywords are most important on whether searchers will find your business in the search engines. Again, this involves know who your target audience is and what they are looking for. Keep in mind that people are looking for solutions to their problems. If your content includes solutions to their problems, searchers will find and visit your site.


Even though appearance may not seem so important to the whole necessity of creating a website, ultimately it does make a difference. Style and formatting influence whether people will stay on your website. Content layout is important to “flow” from one page to another and to lead people to read more in your website. For example, what content should be front and center to be the first thing people see when the visit your site. You want them to stay on your website to find out more.

The name of your company, a tagline and a logo are must haves for the header of your site. Believe it or not I know someone who wasn’t getting the traffic they wanted from their site because they didn’t have the name of their company or tagline in the header.

Colour is important too. Though colour is a matter of personal preference, but it does make difference as to how people “view” your business. Avoid using dark colours for background to your text. Beige or similar neutral light colours are okay but could make the website look “dull.”


Blogging can be one of the most powerful tools to bringing visitors to your website. Optimizing your blog posts around keywords is as important as optimizing the other website pages. The more quality bog posts you write that include keywords that are relevant to your target audience, the more chances you have of ranking higher in the search engines.

When writing blogs, keep in mind your target market’s most frequently asked questions to write about solutions that solve their problems. Make sure your blog posts are relevant to what your target market is looking for and answers their questions. This brings more visitors to website and builds trust with your potential customers and clients.

Update Your Website and Publish Blogs on a Regular Basis

After your new website is published, keeping it updated is important. If you include dates for events that are coming up, remove them after the event has happened. Never leave old dates on your website – this is a sure way to get people to leave your website and go somewhere else. Even in the footer of your website, update the copyright, e.g. “copyright 2018, your company name.”

Blogging on a regular basis is one sure way to update your website to keep your business and your website ranking high in the search engines. Every time you post a new blog, search engines “crawl” your website to discover your pages, index them and show those pages in their search engine result pages.

Share on Social Media

When your website is first published, post it on social media to bring your colleagues to view your new website. As you write and post blogs on your website, post them on social media with a link back to your website. As you add new products or services to your website, keep your audience informed by posting on your social media.

Listen on social media networks to learn what the biggest problems your target audience face. Look for opportunities to get involved in conversations. By listening for keywords that are important for your business, you can share your knowledge and expertise by contributing to social media in the right place at the right time.

Monitor Relevant Keywords

There are several tools online that will help you keep track of what keywords people are search for when they want to find your website. Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Hubspot, and WordStream are among the top tools to help you monitor and keep your keywords effective in finding your business in the search engines.

Following these strategies will give you a better chance to attract more visitors to your website, ultimately converting them to leads that convert them into customers.

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