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9 Ideas to Inspire Your Social Media Posting

Business owners often second guess what they should be putting out there on their own social media channels.

The main thing you need to be doing in your marketing is sharing your expertise.

Anything you post on your business social media profiles, should be information that your potential clients would be interesting in seeing.

Motivational posts are rampant on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Many people are putting motivational quotes on beautiful images and while they are nice to look at, they aren’t going to tell your clients what you are good at doing.

Sales posts are instrumental in helping you sell your product or services but you should only post 20 to 25% sales posts

So what do you post the rest of the time?

But non-sales doesn’t mean that it’s not business related. You should still be using your marketing message in many of the other 75% of your posts.

The content you are putting out is to help your potential clients find you and to help them understand how you can help them with their business.

There are so many things that you can write about on your social media.

Here are 9 ideas to help you write more inspiring content on your social media channels:

1. Balancing Work and Family Life

All entrepreneurs need to know how to balance the challenges of balancing their work life and their family life. If you have some tips that work for you, write about them.

2. Online Tools

What systems or tools do you use to make your work easier? Your potential clients want to know as well. Talk about how the tools you use make things easier for you and your clients.

3. Industry Trends and Statistics

Follow leaders in a specific industry you work in so you can share news, trends and statistics that matter to your clients. This is a great way to increase your content without having to write it all yourself.

4. Presentation Tips

If your clients do presentations or speak or teach, share simple tips that help them with something they might not that good at make excellent posts.

5. What You Are Doing

Talk about what you are working on. There is no better way for people to really get an understanding of how you can help them – by talking about what you are doing. People like to learn from your knowledge and expertise. This is an opportunity for you to share great information, and talks directly about your business.

6. Resources

A lot of people consult social media for resources to help them run their business better. Share ones that you have used or that your clients use and tell people what makes them great (or not!) If you know of a trade association or an upcoming event that might be of interest to your audience, share it!

7. Product or Service Reviews

A great review can sell a product or service easily. Share your experience. It could make the difference of a client calling you or not. If you have a bad experience, be cautious with how you post it, but don’t be afraid to share it.

8. Problem Solving

Clients are looking for business owners to solve a problem. Post about a problem your product or service provides a solution to their problem and its benefits.

9. FAQ

What do people ask you about all the time when you are talking business with them? Whatever those frequent topics are, build out posts from those conversations. Sharing your knowledge helps people realize that you can help them.

You should always be marketing and sharing your knowledge and expertise. This is a great way to reach your audience.

And more than just content, you will increase your interactions by posting more interesting things like these items to connect with and build relationships with potential clients!

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