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Getting Your Website Found on Google and Other Search Engines

There’s no guaranteed time frame for you site to be indexed and appear in Google and other search engines.

It all depends on how the text on your site is scanned by search engines. Other factors that determine how long it takes for your site to be found in search engines is the quality of your website which determines if and how your site will rank.

Your site will rank on Google by:

  • Optimizing the content of your site.

  • Adding alt text to your site’s images. This text can be hidden from view on your site in the browsers.

  • Make sure your site is connected to your social network accounts.

  • Create new content on a regular basis by adding a blog to your site.

Even though you website has been published, creating new content is important. Remove dates of events that have occurred, re-write if required content or have the layout of your website revamped. Writing blogs is always a sure way to keep your site ranking in Google and other search engines.

To get your website crawled and indexed faster, make sure to have your site verified with and submit your sitemap on Google Search Console.

Talk to our website design team at My Essential Office Assistant

about search engine optimization to learn more and have your site ready to be found on Google and other search engines.

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