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Taking a Vacation is Beneficial to You and Your Business

As we are now into the summer solstice, entrepreneurs find themselves debating as to whether they should take a few days off to relax, and re-energize with family and friends or experience a total change of scenery or just continue to work through. It is beneficial to a person’s health to take a break from the daily work routine. If entrepreneurs do not take a break, they are doing themselves a huge disservice.

Vacations Give You a Chance to Re-Energize and Recharge

Vacations allow you to take time away from the daily work stresses and unwind when you take more than just 2 or 3 days off. If you don’t take a week off, the stress of all your daily responsibilities will build up to the point where you can no longer keep up with everything and you end up burning out which is definitely not beneficial for your health or your business.

A Change of Scenery Provides Inspiration

Travel and go somewhere else. Visit a different part of your country or go to a different country. Try eating new food, experience the culture, tour significant landmarks. By traveling to a different part of your country or touring a different country this clears your mind, give you inspiration and gives you a whole new perspective on your business when you go back to work.

Increase Your Productivity

Taking some time out to relax and re-energize will increase your motivation and you will be more productive. A study by Ernst & Young found that for every 10 hours an entrepreneur took off for vacation, their performance rating improved by 8 percent.

Taking a Vacation Inspire Your Creativity

When you’re on vacation, you have the opportunity to see new places, meet new people and have new experiences. All this can inspire new opportunities and bring new ideas from unexpected places. The positive energy from your experiences in your travels provide the inspiration and motivation to do your work better.

Taking a Break Helps you Refocus

Vacations help you clear your thinking to allow you to focus better on the priorities of running your business, making decisions, and resolving problems.

Health is Important to You and Your Business

Not taking a vacation leads to burn out. Burn out can cause all kinds of health problems from ulcers to high blood pressure, hypoglycemia or diabetes to name a few. Whatever the health problem that is caused by burn out, if you as the business owner is sick, this is not a good thing for your business. That’s why taking time out for vacations is more beneficial to you and your business than if you constantly work 24/7 365 days a year.

After taking a vacation, you will feel much better because you are more rested, and because you are more rested and have had this time to relax and re-energize, you will be motivated, inspired, and look forward to getting back to your responsibilities that achieve your goals towards running a successful business.

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