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Holiday Marketing Tips

It's December - already! And now is the time to have your holiday marketing plan in place.

Marketing during the holiday season requires some special measures to ensure that your message is heard through the noise everyone else is making. Here are some ways that you can ramp up your marketing efforts and stand out from the crowd. Get Personal Personalize your marketing messages even more during the holidays. Rewrite your audience personas to incorporate how your target audience might react to various things during the holidays, such as spending money on themselves or others. Solidify Your Holiday Branding Update your website and social profiles to make them look more like the season you’re celebrating. You'll be sure to make people feel more festive. Align Your Campaigns with the Holidays Some brands tie into specific holidays more than others. You really can’t force it, but you can call a promotion a Christmas Promotion or a New Years Promotion just to bring in these holidays. Tap into Their Emotions People are pretty emotional during the holiday season. If you can tap into that and pull at their heartstrings, you’ll get the benefit of it. You can get the emotional response you need by having contests that offer prizes that are close to your target audience's heart. Get Your Entire Team Involved Whether it’s employees or contractors, if you get everyone on board with the holiday spirit you’ll spread the word about your events even faster. Get your team to post on social media, blog about it and get the word out. Tie Your Campaign to a Charity Tie every single campaign you do during a specific time period around the holidays to a charity. For example, every year the Salvation Army has their Angel Tree. You can sponsor angels on the Angel Tree with a portion of the proceeds from each sale. It’s a win-win! Make Sharable Social Updates One thing people like doing during the season is sharing. Make holiday-themed graphics with a coupon code on it so that your audience will share it with others, and you’ll make more sales. Celebrate Your Customers/Clients The holidays are also a great time to celebrate your customers. Create something digital to give out to them for free that will help them, people love checklists and cheat sheets. Share Your Personal Holiday Fun Don't be afraid to share images of your family, your friends, and others having fun during the holidays. Ask your fans to do the same thing. If you have a business that is easily related to the holidays, it'll be even easier. Getting your holiday marketing right makes a huge difference in whether or not you come out ahead or behind. The holidays can be a very busy time for everyone, but if you set things up right and early, you’ll succeed.

Merry Christmas!

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