Wix is the leading cloud-based website building platform for creating a beautiful, professional web presence.  

Wix is perfect for those who want a professional online presence that can be easily managed once the site is created and published online.  We are always available to answer any questions even after the design is complete.  

Why We Use Wix?


Over the years that our team has been designing websites, we have seen many changes in the Wix website builder platform.  With continuous innovations and new features added all the time to the Wix platform by their developers, this provides a large number of resources and features that our designers can use to create and design websites that our clients love and also helps to establish their online presence and build their brand.  It's no wonder Wix is the top cloud-based drag an drop website builder platform!

Every client has different requirements and vision for what they want their website to look like and how it will work for their business.  We work with our clients and listen to their ideas and what they want for their website.  We have successfully designed websites for our clients that meet their specifications. 


Our clients often choose to have their website created and designed in Wix website builder platform. They have been very satisfied with the appearance and layout of their website.  When clients want us to teach them how to do minor edits in the content, they are very impressed with how user-friendly Wix is.

Wix is the top cloud-based website builder platform used by 190 million (and counting) of individuals worldwide with access to tools and the capacity to create and design beautiful professional websites.

Wix offers a free website plan and a selection of premium plans for personal and business including eCommerce.

Website can be built using Wix Editor or Wix Code or Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) or Wix Editor X.

Any type of website can be built using Wix including blogs, business sites, eCommerce sites and portfolio sites.

Drag and drop functionality allows users to create HTML5 sites and mobile sites.

Wix offers a selection of over 500 website templates categorized for different business industries or for personal websites.  All website templates are customizable.

Wix offers a selection of over 300 applications that can be integrated to add features and other functions such as contact management, email marketing, prepare price quotes, prepare invoices, receive payments, search engine optimization, visitor analytics and traffic monitoring/tracking, and much more.

The Wix website builder is very flexible and user friendly by allowing complete redesigns at any time or allowing simple design changes such as editing background images or colors, changing the header or menu on all pages, changing text font styles, adding slideshows and image galleries, and videos. 

Wix's contact management, CRM, and email marketing application let you engage with clients, track contact requests, manage invoices, receive payments, and calendar management.

Wix offers a shopping cart system that will allow you to quickly set up an online store to see products, services or registrations for events or classes online.

You can also promote events, and manage ticket sales.

With a Wix website plan, users have complete customization for optimal search engine optimization so that alt tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, and customize page titles to optimize web pages to rank your site and for indexing on Google and other search engines.

With a Wix website plan, users have complete customization for optimal search engine optimization so that alt tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, and customize page titles to optimize web pages to rank your site and for indexing on Google and other search engines.

Wix website plans include detailed SEO statistics and reports so that users can monitor traffic, and other demographics.  Users will always know how their site is ranking in search engines, where visitors originate, how long visitors on on their site, what pages visitors click to, and more.

The Wix platform is updated "behind the scenes" so that users don't have to download or install a new version every time there are new innovations or technical advances to the website platform. 

What Users Say

"Overall my experience has been great. I have used Wix for years across 3 very different industries with great success."

~~  Michael G., CEO in construction

"I have been using Wix for over 8 years and can say that I am frequently a happy customer! Compared to other website building platforms like Squarespace and Wordpress, I love the easy functionality that Wix provides. Plus, the price is always right what we're looking for. The help pages are easy to use if you need to teach yourself something, and the customer support team is always willing to help you find a solution. Overall I will continue using Wix and hope the platform keeps getting better and better as they have done so far!" 

~~  Sarah O., Marketing Coordinator

"Overall, Wix is my preferred platform for making my websites and blogs. The value that they provide is astounding! If Wix keeps heading in the same direction, the only thing that can be expected is growth." 

~~  Jared S., Marketing & Advertising

"My aim with establishing a website was to increase advertising and community outreach to increase my client load. Since having my website up and running my traffic and online presence has increased drastically and I went from part-time to full-time because I have been getting calls or contact forms regularly." 

~~  Patty R., Psychologist

In conversations with other website designers who use WordPress, Wix was highly recommended as the top alternative to WordPress.

WebsiteToolTester Website Builder, Awards for 2021,
Everything You Need and More
-- Chris Scalise, November 15, 2020

Excerpt from a Wix Review by CNET,

January 3, 2021

"Wix is the clear front-runner in the race for website builder dominance. It's the biggest player with over 190 million websites built and boasts the greatest quantity of tools, capabilities, and freedom."  

Article excerpt on Entrepreneur.com

Quote from article on Entrepreneur.com entitled, "This in-depth Wix training will help you build your very own eCommerce Store," by Boing Boing's Shop on October 3, 2020:

"When you look at which website builder service is powering the most websites around the world, the answer is Wix. And the worldwide web-building leader isn't just the engine running almost 4 million (eCommerce) websites globally, they're responsible for more sites than their three next closest competitors — Squarespace, GoDaddy and Weebly — combined.

Wix is an immensely powerful platform that doesn't just work with users to create a website. It also offers a full platform of AI-driven tools crafted specifically to help those sites succeed."

Excerpt from Website Builder Expert website (https://www.websitebuilderexpert.com/website-builders/)

"Wix is an extremely beginner-friendly website builder that gives you total creative control over your site. Unlike some other builders, it doesn’t sacrifice power or customizability for ease – instead, it combines simple drag-and-drop editing tools with a huge range of features.

In our testing, Wix received the highest “likely to recommend” score from our users – so our advice is, if you’re unsure about which website builder to use, give Wix a spin for free and see how you get on."

Excerpt from a Review by PCMag.com, July 1, 2020

"If you want to get a website online with a minimum of effort and a maximum of creative latitude, look no further than Wix. Its interface is one of the most intuitive, slick, and powerful in the ever-growing group of website-building services we've tested.

Wix offers standout features, such as online storage for your site assets, cool video backgrounds, animations for titles, and mobile apps. A free account option, a gallery of third-party site widgets, and strong blogging and commerce features round out this Editors' Choice website builder. The company is aggressively working to improve the service, too, adding features such as Wix Code for building dynamic web applications, performance upgrades, and business tools."

Excerpt from a Review by Website Builder Expert, Wix Review 2021:

"Wix makes it easy to create a stunning, powerful, interactive website for any project, business or idea ...

We’d recommend Wix to anyone looking to build either a small business or personal website. For businesses, Wix has brilliant templates, SEO and marketing tools, and tons of apps to help you scale.

For personal sites, you have everything you need for blogging, portfolios or CVs at your fingertips."

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